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HeimTextil 2011 : The International Textile Trade Fair at the Frankfurt Messe in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany

Between January 12th and January 15th, 2011, the International Textile Trade Fair or HeimTextil 2011 at the Frankfurt Messe in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, took place. In the frame time of this International Textile Trade Fair, the world’s players of the textile industry meet, trade, make acquaintances, sign contracts, sell, buy…, in a cornucopia of colours and creativity.

The attending countries and the attending French West-Indian department at the International Textile Trade Fair or HeimTextil 2011 at the Frankfurt Messe in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, were:

Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Egypt, Finland, France, Greece, Hong-Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Canada, Colombia, Korea, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Martinique, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Morocco, The Netherlands, Austria, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Syria, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Czech Republic, Hungary, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, United Kingdom, Vietnam.

During this International Textile Trade Fair, Heimtextil 2011 in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, textile and everything related to textile were there under different shapes and names to be seen:

Carpets, hand woven carpets, antique carpets, stair carpets, door mats, rugs, wallpapers, wall coverings, wall decoration, windows, decorative fabrics, drapery fabrics, print fabrics, Jacquard fabrics, silk window decoration, curtains, curtain fabrics, Bobbinet fabrics, Marquisette, readymade curtains, printed curtains, embroidered curtain fabrics, macramés, curtain accessories, bobbin lace, ribbons, cords, curtain rods, trimmings, embroidery design, transfer printing, heat transfer printing, sun protection systems, venetian blinds, vertical blinds, roller blinds, folding blinds, insect protection systems, outdoor sun protection systems, non-textile curtain accessories, upholstery, furniture fabrics, flame resistant fabrics, decorative cushions, tapestries, bed, duvets, pillows, bedsteads, mattresses, futons, bed linen, shower towels, shower curtains, table, table linen, table decorations, sets, napkins, Kitchen linen, design, inkjet, home technology, cleaning of textiles,
sewing machines, ironing machines, cutting techniques, Oeko-Tex certified products, (…).

The International Textile Trade Fair or HeimTextil 2011 at the Frankfurt Messe in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, was crowded. There were people of the textile world, but also genuine people interested in art, creativity, beauty, technique, ecology…, for all that is also part of the multiform and pluridisciplinary world of textile.

A trade fair is also the opportunity to meet with the players who bring the textile trade fair to life, so I would like thank all the people of the textile world for their collaboration, among them:

Maghreb Design, Mrs Jaouida Gastli from the Centre Technique de Création, d’Innovation et d’Encadrement du Tapis et de Tissage from Tunis in Tunisia, Mr Vikram Tantia from Globe (India) Limited, an illustration of the Indian savoir-faire with fabrics and textiles, Mr Rabih L. Farsoun from Cotton Trade International in Lebanon.

I will not forget the French firm Proneem from Marseille in France that is making use of the Neem extract to free in an ecological manner our bed linen from dust mites. The Neem tree is well known in India, Burma, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Pakistan, (…), because of its medicinal virtues.

I would like to praise also the following « Eco Friendly » oriented firms thanks to their collaborators: many thanks to Mrs Dominique Blandiaux from DBCwool for the information about the ecological production of pure virgin sheep’s wool. Thanks also to Mr Koji Hamada from the firm Asahi Kasei Fibers Corporation, for the information on the Cupro fiber of cotton, a 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic fiber.

For more information on the International Textile Trade Fair or HeimTextil 2011 at the Frankfurt Messe in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, an internet address : http://heimtextil.messefrankfurt.com/, and of course, see you at the next Heimtextil in 2012 in Frankfurt-am Main in Germany.

©2011 Teddy Crispin

Author's website : http://www.teddycrispin.com/

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