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Engineering Ingegneria Informatica (Engineering), leader in Italy for large-scale system and business integration projects and who also provide outsourced services to private organizations and public government authorities, has been awarded the contract for the realization of the Consolidated European Reporting System and Single Vessel Database (CERS/SVD) for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), an Executive Agency within the UK Department for Transport, for a total value of €3.5 mn in a two-year span.

Engineering's Defence and Aerospace department, with the collaboration of Engitech Ltd - the Irish company controlled by the Italian group and based in Dublin - plus the technical support of the Research and Innovation Department of the parent company, contributed to this significant achievement, the first UK project awarded to Engineering.

A decisive factor in this success was the outstanding technical value of the offer, of which the fundamental parts were prepared by Engitech Ltd, which will be responsible for implementing a significant component of the project.

The CERS/SVD will deliver a system to support - within a two-year period - the monitoring of merchant vessel traffic arriving and departing from UK ports, reporting of this information to the European Union competent authorities, and therefore contributing to the improvement of global safety at sea and incident prevention through risk reduction measures.

In particular the CERS/SVD system will allow the MCA, the maritime authority in the UK, to implement European Union legislation, which requires all national maritime agencies to collect and share, at European level, data regarding merchant vessel traffic in waters under their jurisdiction.

Furthermore this system developed by Engineering will serve to assist MCA in normalising and rationalising all related information in a single database, as opposed to the current situation where information is spread between different heterogeneous databases. The data captured encompasses the UK Registry of Merchant Vessels, information on their status, the management of safety inspections including Port State Control and pollution regulation compliance and it will also support the operational management of rescue missions through providing a consistent data set for vessels en-route to UK ports.

The introduction of CERS/SVD will represent a strategic management tool for the UK Maritime Authority so as to target priority objectives through mass data collection in respect of: easy access to vessel and cargo movement data in UK waters; analysis and reporting on infringements of international laws; exchange of maritime data with other competent national and EU authorities; survey management and inspection data; and the production of statutory national and International certificates.

Tom Elder MCA Project Director said "The MCA identified Engineering Ingegneria Informatica as the most cost effective, comprehensive solution to meet the needs of the Agency following an extensive and rigorous EU procurement exercise. They demonstrated a clear understanding of MCA requirements and a commitment to work with the Agency in developing the solution in a timely manner to meet external business drivers."

About Engineering Ingegneria Informatica - Engineering is one of the major Italian groups operating in the field of Information Technology services. They are involved in operating several business lines including system and business integration, application management and consulting services. With a network of 37 branch offices including two abroad (Dublin and Brussels) and 3700 employees, the company has been listed in the Milan Stock Exchange since December 2000. At the end of 2005, the main growth rates were production value at 388 million euro (+20.5%) and Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreication and Amortization (ebitda) at 55.1 million euro (+37.5%). The group operates across all markets, offering proprietary applications mainly focused on finance, healthcare and utilities segments.
Engineering plays a leading role in software research and development, coordinating several domestic and international projects through a network of 50 European scientific partners and academic institutions. For the period 2003-2007, research investments in European and domestic projects reached 50 million euro. Within the defence segment, Engineering is carrying out a project on data integration and datafusion system of a multisensor platform for the capture and the exploitation of intelligence information.
Furthermore Engineering, together with 12 major European IT players, is the promoter and coordinator of the NESSI European Technology Platform under the auspices of the European Commission.

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