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Plug-up International announces the first certified Fido Ready TM UAF USB Token

Plug-up International announces the first certified Fido Ready TM UAF USB Token

Plug-up International, a Fido Alliance member as sponsor, announces Authentikator for FIDO, a FIDO Ready Trademark certified version of its Authentikator USB token to pave the way to the future of standard Online Identification without passwords.

"We're delighted to update our Online Identification product line to be compliant with the Fido Alliance standards", said Guillaume Moatti, CEO of Plug-up International. "Authentikator for FIDO enhances our affordable and customizable OATH/HOTP second factor Authentikator USB token to provide stronger security and easier deployment scenarios to online services"

Authentikator for FIDO is available on the unique Plug-up USB Smartcard form factor, providing stronger security to desktop, laptop and portable devices in an universal, fun and portable way.

"Authentikator for FIDO demonstrates how high-security USB consumer products that are compliant with the FIDO Alliance standards can be built for minimal added cost," said Laurent Degauque, Embedded Security Marketing Director of STMicroelectronics. "By using ST’s secure single-chip USB microcontroller platform, Plug-up International was able to quickly design and release a cost-effective and secure FIDO UAF token.”

Authentikator for FIDO will soon be sold by Plug-up International distributors and on the company consumer web store at https://store.kliidje.com. Customers acquiring the previous Authentikator version will be offered free firmwares updates to support the new versions compliant with FIDO Alliance standards.

About Plug-up (www.plug-up.com)

Plug-up International aims to make hardware security more fun, affordable and easy to use. A french company created in Rouen in 2010, Plug-up designs and manufactures its own custom secure chip solutions, the first one using a wide range of USB protocols allowing to build transparent driverless applications (HID, WinUSB) or applications compatible with existing smartcard standards (CCID). His core product offers a wide range of use cases : data encryption, strong authentication, Secure Access Modules. Based on certified components, single or multiple secure chips, Plug-up International has developed his custom operating system, virtual machines and high level innovating applications targeting digital security for identity solutions, data, and payment systems.

Under the Kliidje brand, Plug-up International distributes all security solutions based on strong authentication, PKI solutions, and OATH standards (HOTP/TOTP). Under the DaPlug brand, Plug-up International offers Open Source oriented solutions to the developer community.

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