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Xtreme DReam C

With Xtreme DReam, you choose the solution that matches with your present and future expectations.

Upper high versatility
Xtreme DReam proposes a large choice of components regarding your workflow, space, daily procedures and budget.
The DR technology can drive up to 3 detectors in the same room. Canon has the most complete range of detectors solution on the market that allows you using wireless, integrated detector in only one room.
This choice covers all range of general procedures including stitching without compromising patient care and medical staff comfort. The customizable system combines leading technology of FPD and smooth motion to ensure a solution for challenging all requirements with a maximum of efficiency.

Enhance your workflow
The system moves automatically to preset position and user can keep full control during the positioning process. To accommodate emergency situations, system can be turned manual at any time. These features are well appreciated from medical staff. Wireless cassette size facilitates specific projections in the table environment.

Fast image acquisition
Touch screen acquisition console has unlimited and user customizable anatomical protocols. Image preview appear in less than 3 seconds and already post processed. The acquisition software improves image management without loosing detail contrast and streamlines the workflow. The system is fully DICOM 3.0 compliant.

STEPHANIX staff supports you to optimize system access and efficiency.

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