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INA_CATEGORYNET_728x90 Mandala: the garden of the teaching farm in Santa Marta

Mandala: the garden of the teaching farm in Santa Marta

The farm of Saint Martha in Sologne presents its educational garden, called Garden Mandala, Which collects many species of flowers, vegetables and herbs to discover. Discover the secrets of the garden at Mandala theme days: Once per month, or by appointment, the Echinacea, the calendula, stevia, lupins and many other varieties will be glad to welcome you to the Ferme de Sainte Marthe to charm you with their colors, fragrance their energy and their benefits.
The purpose of the Mandala Garden Farm is St. Martha protect biodiversity and the environment, to live healthy and in harmony with nature. The garden is open to all children and adults who want to explore the plant mage and the spirit of nature. Come to find balance and energy through the beauty of plants and soil. Mandala is a term Sanskrit meaning circle, sphere, environment, community, universe. It is a creation more or less symmetrically built around a central point. Mandalas are found in all cultures, in all civilizations and all epochs.
The farm of Ste Marthe, in the Sologne, is the homestead of Philippe Desbrosses, Pioneer Bio in France and author of many books on ecology and the environment. It is a place of production of organic seeds and cucurbit, and a place for training in the organic sector.
Call for reservations, alone, with family or Goup, and discover an educational garden like no other.

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