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Enter in the wireless world

STEPHANIX introduces its new DR x-ray mobile unit, which gives you upper flexibility.
With the Movix Series DReam you can match different Wi-Fi detectors to enhance your workflow.

Up to two different detectors on board:
CXDI-70 C Wireless (35 x 43 cm) is the thinnest (1.5 cm) and the lightest (3.2 kg) on its market for a large range of applications like skull, spine, chest, abdomen…
CXDI-80 C Wireless is the smallest FPD 24 x 30 cm and its lightweight 2.7 kg facilitates procedures such as extremities, paediatric, fits in most incubators…

Their design ensures comfortable hold for the patient and the medical staff during the procedures.

The wireless detectors offer benefits of true portability in one single system to become a sharable solution.

With Movix Series DReam, you enter in a new DR mobility world. Thanks to the upper high technology, the detectors can be shared between your DR mobile and/ or DR room.
Movix Series DReam proposes you an advanced solution in terms of cost-efficiency, productivity and versatility of the system.

Movix Series DReam has a compact design for increasing the manoeuvrability and its small footprint ensures optimum movements in any crowded situations.

Choosing STEPHANIX is the warranty to get efficient and reliable tools and a technical support over 90 countries.

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