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Call for Application : EU - Indian TV workshops on HIV/AIDS

Internews Europe, France in cooperation with Formedia, India and Deutsche Welle Akademie, Germany is launching a cross-cultural training programme for television journalists from India and Europe to report on HIV/AIDS related issues.

This training is part of a larger MEDIAIDS programme which started this year and whose ultimate objective is to develop an alliance of media professionals of EU and India to share experiences and information on responsible and effective use of media to address sensitive social issues regarding the HIV/AIDS crisis. This way, MEDIAIDS wants to contribute to more diverse media coverage on HIV/AIDS and people living with the virus.

Under MEDIAIDS audiovisual journalists and media-professionals from India and European countries will receive training from experts to report on HIV/AIDS related issues from multiple perspectives - particularly through the eyes of people living with HIV/AIDS. The workshops take place in India and Germany and are structured to maximize the opportunities for collaborative reporting by European-Indian teams.

In autumn 2005, MEDIAIDS will run two two-week workshops with 12 TV journalists/media professionals - 6 from Europe and 6 from India. Trainings will take place from September 16th until October 3rd 2005 in Delhi and from November 19th until December 3rd, 2005 in Berlin.

Internews will bear all training and attendance costs.

Internews Europe and its partners are now looking for well-qualified candidates from European countries - TV journalists, film makers, creative department professionals in advertising agencies - to participate in the workshops.

For more information about the project and to apply, please visit our MEDIAIDS website: http://www.formonline.org/mediaids/

Deadline for application : August 31st, 2005