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iZimundi.com - a new marketplace for languages, communication and design

iZimundi allows freelancers, agencies and buyers worldwide to find each other and work together easily in a broad range of service categories. iZimundi aims to service the needs of large companies and organisations, SMEs, government agencies and associations worldwide. The website has interfaces both in English and in French.

A free service for buyers worldwide

iZimundi's new service enables buyers to post details of projects (for remote work) and missions (for on-site work) for free. Members of the iZimundi community can bit on these projects and missions in the space of hours.

Buyers can specify, in addition to the service category, the legal structure (freelancer or agency), the geographical location, and the mother tongue of the desired providers. These selection criteria guarantee the pertinence of the results and a better targeting of the required providers.

 By publishing their projects or missions on iZimundi, buyers enjoy free use of decision making tools. Functionality is also provided to enable buyers and providers to contact each other and exchange information without the barriers of distance and time zones.

Qualified service providers

With demands from buyers are becoming more specific, iZimundi's marketplace categories have been refined so that buyers and providers can get in touch with specific needs and services in mind without wasting unnecessary time.

The defined categories have a special focus on communication (Marketing, Advertising, Events, Writing, Editing, DTP/Pre-press), design (Audio/multimedia/Sound/Video, Design, Graphic design, Illustration, Photography, Films/radio/TV), and languages (Translation, Interpretation, Voice/Voiceover).

Freelancers and agencies can refine their profiles in the iZimundi directories in order to ensure optimal visibility and marketplace presence.

Access to all services on iZimundi is free for the time being in order to showcase its functionality to all users. In the future, subscription will be required for service providers.

Premium and standard membership services will be available at a later date. But unlike many other marketplaces, iZimundi does not charge commission for its services.

About iZimundi

iZimundi provides a comprehensive web-based marketplace and management tools to facilitate and optimise B2B service procurement for the needs of private companies, government agencies and  associations.

At the time of its creation iZimundi counts over 2500 members across 17 service categories. The iZimundi marketplace is among a range of services on the iZimundi portal, which caters to the needs of the language, communication and design industries. In addition to marketplace services, iZimundi also offers a job board, a training directory and bespoke consultancy services.

Visit www.iZimundi.com

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