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TRIAS Mikroelektronik announces support for Arasan Chip Systems' first suite of MIPI IP Cores

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Press Release 01/2007

TRIAS Mikroelektronik Announces Support for Arasan Chip Systems' First Suite of MIPI IP Cores

Designer's Lower Their Development Costs by Using Reusable Mobile Interconnect IP

Krefeld, Germany, April 2007 * * * TRIAS Mikroelektronik, which distributes and supports products and design services of Arasan Chip Systems in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Finland, Romania, Russia and Poland, announced the immediate availability of Arasan's suite of IP Cores that support the emerging MIPITM (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) standards. The new products available include the Display Serial Interface (DSI) IP Core, the Camera Serial Interface (CSI-2) IP Core, and the D-PHY IP Core. The SLIMbus IP Core (Serial Low-power Inter-chip Media bus) supporting the preliminary draft speci-fication is also available. In addition to the hardware IP, Arasan provides software drivers and stacks for a number of the interface protocols. Also available is a separate set of verification IP including bus functional models and tests that can be used to validate the operation of the IP in a unit test and systems environment. Each test platform comes with a set of directed tests designed to exercise the elements of the protocol.

All the products are silicon validated and were successfully demonstrated at the MIPI Conference in Seoul, South Korea, in November 2006. Further, Arasan has licensed the MIPI IP and is working closely with some of the world's largest semiconductor companies, including founding members of the MIPI Alliance, whose products include application processors for low power mobile devices and peripheral chips in wireless, display and imaging applications.

"Arasan Chip Systems has actively contributed to the MIPI organization since 2004", said Klaus Steinheuer, CEO of TRIAS Mikroelektronik. "Arasan continues to work with our lead customers to help them deploy these standards into IC's successfully. Arasan is now making this IP and know how available for other MIPI member companies who need to begin to integrate them into their products".

The Layer 2 Digital IP is packaged as synthesizable RTL form and has interfaces to common systems buses like ARM's AMBA AHB bus. Layer 1 Mixed-signal IP is foundry dependent and shipped as GDSII. Custom interfaces will be developed as needed under a special contract. The software drivers are constructed with a general host/device adaptation layer and application interface layer for easy adaptation and porting to customer specific applications. The verification IP is shipped in source form and is designed to provide functional coverage of the specifications using an extensive test suite.

About MIPI
The Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) Alliance is a collaboration of mobile industry leaders with the objective to define and promote open standards for interfaces to mobile application processors.

Through these open standards, the MIPI Alliance intends to speed deployment of new services to mobile users by establishing specifications for standard hardware and software interfaces to mobile application processors and encouraging the adoption of those standards throughout the industry value chain.

The MIPI Alliance is intended to complement existing standards bodies with a focus on microprocessors, peripherals and software interfaces.

MIPI specifications are currently available only to MIPI Alliance member companies. Interested companies are welcome to join the MIPI Alliance. Membership includes limited royalty-free intellectual property rights and obligations. For more information on membership in the MIPI Alliance, visit www.mipi.org.

Arasan's MIPI IP Cores are available immediately from TRIAS Mikroelektronik. For pricing information please contact Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser..

About Arasan
Arasan Chip Systems Inc. founded in 1995, is a leading supplier of Reusable Intellectual Property (IP's) cores, semiconductors and electronic design services. Arasan's product portfolio is focused on Bus Interfaces and includes IP's for MIPI, USB 1.1 & 2.0, PCI & PCIe, SDIO and CE-ATA technologies. Arasan's products and services enable businesses to develop and leverage product design and development. Arasan Chip Systems has been an executive member of SD Card Association since 2001, MMCA since 2003 and CE-ATA and MIPI since 2004. Arasan is headquartered in San Jose, California, with design centers in India and support options available in Taiwan, China & Europe. More information at http://www.arasan.com.

About TRIAS Mikroelektronik
TRIAS Mikroelektronik is a one of the leading European providers of ESL, EDA and IP Core solutions for ASIC and FPGA designs offering tools for VHDL, mixed HDL, SystemC, SystemVerilog and PSL simulation and verification, FPGA & C-synthesis, design capture and management, predictive design analysis, on-chip assertion-based verification, FPGA-on-board co-design, signal integrity analysis and design flow management. Our tools for Electronic System Level Design provide a way to bridge the gap between specification and implementation and are used for virtual prototyping.

Our IP Core solution helps customers to improve the development time and reduces the design risk. The focus is currently on PCI Express, USB 2.0, SD/SDIO/MMC, MIPI and CE-ATA.

Founded in 1989 and based in Krefeld, Germany, the company's sales territory includes Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Poland and Romania plus the support of dedicated accounts in the rest of the European countries. Besides Sales and Marketing, TRIAS uses Technical Support, Consultation, Training, and Design Services to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction. More information at: www.trias-mikro.de.

* * *
Arasan, and the Arasan Logo, are trademarks or trademarks of Arasan. SDIO, CE-ATA, USB, PCI, MMCA, are all trademarks of their respective organizations.

MIPI word marks and logos are trade marks owned by MIPI Alliance, Inc. and any use of such marks is under license.

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