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Terrapinn creates single customer view with smartFOCUS

Terrapinn creates single customer view with smartFOCUS

15th August 2006, Bristol, UK

smartFOCUS, Bristol, UK – smartFOCUS, a European-headquartered vendor of Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) software, has been selected by Terrapinn to build a single view of the customer with clean and current marketing data to enable more responsive campaigns. Terrapinn will use the smartSERVER operational data store to manage its database of over three million records covering 130 countries, and will use smartMARKETER and smartCHANNEL to manage and conduct marketing campaigns.

Terrapinn is a leader in providing niche business-to-business conferences and is also the publisher of Total Telecom magazine. The company has offices in Australia, Singapore, South Africa, and London and is opening a new office in the US. Worldwide, it has 40 users accessing its database.

smartFOCUS will implement its smartSERVER platform which will cleanse, purpose and manage Terrapinn’s data. It will eliminate an estimated 15% to 20% duplication of records and will enhance the data with additional international business information. The de-duplication will ensure that Terrapinn manages its customer relationships professionally by not sending them multiple copies of the same promotions. Using smartMARKETER, Terrapinn users will be able to create new insight and understanding of customers and build innovative new approaches to create more meaningful customer interactions.
smartFOCUS will create an operational data store that provides a single customer view, and will integrate this with Terrapinn’s SAP financial applications, events registration system and customer service system. By integrating smartCHANNEL with SAP, Terrapinn will be able to easily personalise messages sent to customers taking part in various events.

At launch, smartMARKETER will be accessed by Terrapinn’s 40 worldwide users for campaign management. In a later phase, Terrapinn will extend online access to data entry users and telesales users. Terrapinn will run the software in-house.

The company is also trialling smartFOCUS’s online marketing solution, which will enable the company to fully track how recipients interact with and respond to campaigns.

smartFOCUS was chosen from an initial shortlist of 12 providers. “smartFOCUS has additional interface features that eliminate a lot of repetition that was required in other systems,” said Sharon Roessen, group marketing director, Terrapinn. “smartFOCUS is extensible too, so we can bolt on call centre functionality or marketing budgeting later. We expect the smartFOCUS team will help drive our marketing innovation as it creates new features. We have been impressed that the smartFOCUS team really does listen to what we want.”

She adds: “I am excited about what smartFOCUS will do for our marketing. We will be able to move from a ‘one to many’ direct marketing model, to a more personalised approach for our communications. We will be able to really see and visualise our data for the first time. Being able to see what campaigns and promotions are really working will be key. We will be able to eliminate a lot of our manual processes, gain better insight into our customer database and use it more creatively to innovate in our industry.”

Bill Marjot, chief marketing officer for smartFOCUS, said: “Adding a fast growing business to business brand such as Terrapinn to our list of customers is yet another endorsement of our approach to solving complex marketing problems. Our ability to deliver Intelligent Marketing solutions that synthesise data from a range of offline and online marketing channels with applications that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketers is central to realising business benefits quickly. This, coupled with our ability to integrate and leverage Terrapinn’s existing IT investments makes a compelling case for marketing transformation.”

About smartFOCUS
smartFOCUS provides software and services that enable companies to manage and coordinate marketing across multiple channels, including email, telemarketing, direct mail and display advertising.   The company provides a complete portfolio of data integration, analysis, modeling, campaign planning and management, with integrated budgeting and finance solutions. The result is ‘Intelligent Marketing’, driven by a single view of the customer’s activities across all channels. Marketers can target their communications more accurately, cutting wastage, increasing conversion rates and achieving a better understanding of the customer base.

Users of smartFOCUS’s enterprise marketing management software include AAA, ABN AMRO, AC Nielsen, Avis Europe, Carrefour, France Telecom, Hilton International and News International.

smartFOCUS is headquartered in Bristol, UK, with offices in the US and continental Europe.