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Frankfurt Book Fair 2016 Messe Frankfurt

« Hello People, Hello Child, …» as sung in the Brenda Russell’s song « Hello People », from her acclaimed 1982 album : “TWO EYES”.

I was there, on the first day of the Messe Frankfurt Book Fair 2016, that took place between October 19th and October 23rd, 2016. The first three days are for professional people, while the last two days of the Book Fair Messe Frankfurt, Saturday and Sunday, are open to the public.

This year, there was not, like some of the previous years, for press persons, the special ticket that entitles you to use the public transportation for free, in order to get to the Book Fair Messe Frankfurt.

The first day of the Messe Frankfurt Book Fair 2016, the atmosphere was a little “tristounet”, as the French say, a little bit quiet, the good part of it, is that you can stroll freely from one hall to another, without having to cope with too many people.

During the Messe Frankfurt Book Fair 2016, I had a chance to meet with Mr. Maurice Greder : Jr. Director in charge of Paulusverlag / Academic Press Fribourg. Mr. Maurice Greder, who presented to me the “Pauluskalender 2017”. A very nice person, indeed.

I also came across Mr. Alexander Blomgren, who presented to me the “Define FINE Ho Chi Minh City” booklet, that is a travel book, that lets you know about less known interesting places, and privately owned businesses of interest, of Ho Chi Minh city.

During the Messe Frankfurt Book Fair 2016, I met also with Mr. Sulaiman Adebowale, the head of Editions AMALION from Dakar in Senegal. I was very surprised that he still remembers me, and that he still remembers my name.

I had also the chance to come across Mr. Marc-Philipp Schneider, a journalist for MOVING MAN Infotainment in Berlin, and Mr. Hinrich Schmidt-Henkel, who is a translator for literature.

This year, I had a chance to publish as an independent publisher, three books:

DIX PETITS POEMES And More: Ten Little Poems And More: Kindle (Amazon)

DIX PETITS POEMES And More: The Augmented Version: Kindle (Amazon)

THAT'S CHRISTMAS TO ME: (The Christmas Poem ...) : Kindle (Amazon)

The next Messe Frankfurt Book Fair 2017 will take place between October 11th and October 15th, 2017, and the “Guest of Honor” is FRANCE!
©2016 Teddy Crispin

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