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Ambiente 2016

From the 12th of February to the 16th of February, 2016, took place at the Messe Frankfurt, the Ambiente trade show 2016. A huge trade show graced with 11 halls, a great treat for those who like to walk, even though there are little shuttle buses, to take you from one hall to another.

I definitely like the beauty of the Ambiente Messe Frankfurt, where the world gathers to display its best in decoration, gifts, accessories, jewellery, pipes and cigars, kitchen trends, houseware and storage, table contemporary design…

Among the firms present at Ambiente Messe Frankfurt 2016, the French firm Goyon Chazeau from La Monnerie-le-Montel in France, a firm that manufactures finest handmade cutlery.

The firm PAPSTAR GmbH, from Kall in Germany, that manufactures party and catering supplies. At the PAPSTAR GmbH stand of the Ambiente Messe Frankfurt 2016, I had a chance to meet with Mr. Markus Mörsch, Purchasing Director for PAPSTAR GmbH, who presented to me the firm PAPSTAR GmbH. Thanks to Mr. Markus Mörsch for the time taken for this presentation.

Key Account Manager for PAPSTAR GmbH is Mr. Holger Wiesner. Business Development Manager for PAPSTAR GmbH is Mr. Dirk Evertz.

The firm FACKELMANN FRANCE SAS from Bussang in France, a firm that produces kitchenware, dust bags and distributes household appliances. Product Manager for FACKELMANN FRANCE S.A.S is Roxanne Herr. Lisa Dengel is Marketing/ Product Manager for the firm Dr. Oetker.

The firm, the cookware company, from Drongen in Belgium. Sales Manager France Commerce Spécialisé for the cookware company is Maud Picard.

The firm liebeskummerpillen from Berlin in Germany, a firm that sells chocolates, sweets, soaps…, in astounding original packages. Dr. Jutta Reckschmidt is CEO of the firm liebeskummerpillen.

The firm LAMPE BERGER Paris with its interesting line of scents set in beautifully designed bottles. Heike Nierhaus works in the Sales & Customer Service Department of LAMPE BERGER Paris.

The firm e+m Holzprodukte from Neumarkt in Germany, a firm that manufactures finest wooden pens, wooden boxes and packaging, … President of e+m Holzprodukte is Mr. Wolfram Mümmler I had the chance to meet at Ambiente Messe Frankfurt 2016, and who shared with me his passion for his work and his finest line of products.

According to the Messe Frankfurt, 137 000 visitors from 143 countries graced the floor of the Ambiente Messe Frankfurt 2016. There were 4 387 exhibitors from 96 countries.

55% of the visitors this year 2016 didn’t come from Germany, but from abroad. Germany left alone, visitors came mostly from Italy, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Great Britain, China, USA, Switzerland, Turkey and South Korea.

For those who are interested in cigars and their accessories, I had a chance to meet at the Ambiente Messe Frankfurt 2016 with Mr. José Fernando Arroyo from the firm JEMAR from Bilbao in Spain. Even though I am not a smoker myself, I find cigars and their accessories beautiful, with decorative possibilities.

The Ambiente 2017 will be held between February 10th to February 14th, 2017.

©2016 Teddy Crispin

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