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Book Fair 2015 Messe Frankfurt : The Report

From October 14th to October 18th, 2015 took place at the Messe Frankfurt in Frankfurt am Main in Germany, the Messe Frankfurt Book Fair. I attended the Messe Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 from October 16th to October 18th, 2015.

This year the Messe Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 stretched itself between the hall 3 and the hall 6. Previous Messe Frankfurt Book Fairs had been stretching themselves between hall 1 and hall 12, if I remember it well.

Does the book industry experience some kind of recession?

The exhibitors I met with told me that they were satisfied with the Messe Frankfurt Book Fair 2015. On Sunday, October 18, 2015, the hall 3 where there were a lot of German publishers was overcrowded with visitors from the public.

At the Messe Frankfurt Book Fair, from Friday to Sunday, the Messe Frankfurt Book Fair is open to public visitors, days previous are for professional people from the Book Industry.

From the time I was there, from Friday to Sunday, my impression was that there was a steady flow of visitors, and in the hall 5 and 6 where there were publishers from the Middle East and Asia, you could stroll easily from publishers to publishers, without having to cope with a huge crowd of people.

During my visit of the Messe Frankfurt Book Fair 2015, I came across interesting books and persons. Let’s start with the books:

Pierre Rabhi : Vers La Sobriété Heureuse : Actes Sud

Mohamedou Ould Slahi : Guantánamo Diary : Canon Gate

Albertine Sarrazin : L’Astragale : Pauvert

Patrick Roegiers : L’Autre Simenon : Grasset

Olivier Poivre d’Arvor : L’Amour A Trois : Grasset

Siegfried Pitschmann : Erziehung Eines Helden : Aisthesis

Juan Durán Luzio : Bartolomé de la Casas : Ante La Conquista De América : Las Voces Del Historiador : Universidad Nacional Costa Rica

Philippe Forest : Aragon : Gallimard

Hélène Mongin : Louis et Zélie Martin : Les Saints de l’Ordinaire : Editions Emmanuel

Thierry Hénault-Morel : Louis et Zélie Martin : Editions du Cerf

Joël Pralong : Guérir de la blessure du Père : Editions des Béatitudes

Guillaume Sébastien : La Valse des Ames : Editions des Béatitudes

Jérôme Ferrari : Le Principe : Actes Sud

Jean-Marie Apostolides : DEBORD Le naufrageur : Flammarion

Delphine de Vigan : D’Après Une Histoire Vraie : JC Lattès

Gaston-Paul Effa : Rendez-vous Avec L’Heure Qui Blesse : Gallimard

Peter Hahne : Niemals aufgeben ! : mediaKern

Peter Dyckhoff : Sterben im Vertrauen auf Gott : media Maria

André Frossard : Maximilian Kolbe : Vergesst die Liebe nicht : media maria

Michael W. Higgins : Thomas Merton : Der geerdete Visionär : bibelwerk

Dschalaluddin Rumi : Traumbild des Herzens : Manesse

Jamal Sanad Al-Suwaidi : The Mirage

Muhammad Saalih Al-Munajjid : Interactions of the Greatest Leader : The Prophet’s Dealings with Different People : Zad Publishing

People I came across at the Messe Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 and who presented me some of the books above:

Richard David Precht : German Philosopher

Claire Teeuwissen : Foreign Rights : Actes Sud

Carole Saudejaud : Rights Director : Fayard – Mazarine – Mille Et Une Nuits - Pauvert

Pauline Perrignon : Foreign Rights : Grasset

Dr. Detlev Kopp : Head : Aisthesis Verlag

Prof. Dr. Dagoberto Arias Aguilar: Editor-in-Chief: Editorial Technológica de Costa Rica

Hélène Mongin : in charge of Communication : Editions Emmanuel

Mrs Cathy Brenti : Acquisitions Editor : Editions des Béatitudes

Wolfgang Hertling : Head : pala Verlag

Elizabeth White : Academic and Professional Rights Manager : Bloomsbury Publishing

Prof. Dr. Henry Keazor : Lehrstuhl für Neuere und Neueste Kunstgeschichte : Universität Heidelberg

Gerhard Osterwald : Einkauf – Herstellung : Verlagsgruppe Kawohl

Gisela Geirhos : Manager : media maria

Eva Engesser : Advertising : Verlag Katholisches Bibelwerk GmbH

Christine Liebl : Person for the Press : Manesse

Rafal Kasprowski : Geographic Map Publishing

Book Fair 2015 Messe Frankfurt Facts and Numbers

According to the Messe Frankfurt, there were at the Frankfurt Book Fair Messe Frankfurt 2015 around 9 900 accredited journalists and bloggers.

3 200 participants from 48 countries attended the Business Club Messe Frankfurt, and 620 agents from 32 countries attended the LitAg Messe Frankfurt.

The next Messe Frankfurt Book Fair 2016 will take place between October 19th and October 23rd, 2016.

©2014 Teddy Crispin

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