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Land & Genuß Fair 2013 (Frankfurt, Germany)

The Land & Genuß Fair took place at the Messe Frankfurt in Germany from February 28th to March 3rd, 2013. The Land & Genuß Fair enables to discover the best products from the German countryside and abroad.

There were four categories this year : Garden & Country Houses, Eating & Drinking, Life In The Countryside, Countryside & Delectation.

Let’s confess it is a pleasure to visit the Land & Genuß Fair at the Messe Frankfurt in Germany, a fair where it is to be found the best and unusual products mostly from the German countryside, but also from Switzerland, Italy, ...

Here at the Land & Genuß Fair is the chance to taste the delicious ice-creams from the Hofladen Fam. Lenhardt from Dreiech near Frankfurt am Main.

Hofladen Fam. Lenhardt : http://www.lenhardtshofladen-eis.de/

In the world of condiments were, among others, the following firms Senfmühle Monschau and Lodner Gewürze.

Mr Dolde from the firm Doldenhof in Sensbachtal in Germany is to be thanked, Mr Dolde who presented at the Land & Genuß Fair 2013 his wonderful selection of honeys and spices that are sometimes mixed together.

Let us not forget the firm Das Chausseehaus, a firm specialized in the transformation of the Amorella cherries into juices, vinegars, jams, …

The unusual lilac-colored, blue, violet potatoes from the Gündels Kulturstall from Reichenbach/Vogtl. in Germany were one of the many centers of attraction of the Land & Genuß Fair 2013 of the Messe Frankfurt in Germany.

Gündels Kulturstall : http://www.guendels-kulturstall.de/

Last but not the least, let’s put into the spotlight the fascinating soaps of Diana Kietz from Neu-Isenburg in Germany, soaps that colorful and well-designed like pieces of art.

(c) 2013 Teddy Crispin : Business Writer, Trade Fair Reviewer.

Link of interest : http://www.landundgenuss.de/

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