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TMSfactory.com makes a simple Mobile Offer Builder for Local Businesses and SMEs

HONG KONG - TMSfactory, the self-service platform for mobile marketing and commerce, has announced today new opportunity for local and small businesses to create mobile offers, promote the offer via offline and online channel, and manage/scale the campaign’s performance in just a few minutes.

The TMS technology

The TMS technology enables to run a Telco-free interface between brands and consumers with the use of the new generation of intelligent short code (TMS code). The TMS code transforms objects and traditional media into interactive contact points, making the delivery of personalized offer to consumers, while giving access to a yield management panel where business owners can monitor and scale the campaign’s performance in real time.
"Since 2010, we allow big brands to develop mobile marketing and commerce campaigns that are optimized for all operating systems. We are now glad to help local businesses and SMBs to acquire more customers and to maximize their usage on this affordable and easy-to-manage cloud platform”, says Frederick Saurat, co-founder of TheTMSway Ltd.

How to start a Mobile Campaign

For marketers or business owners not yet on mobile, TMSfactory allows to create a mobile site in minutes and to customize the site using the available options (background colors, font banner, and/or download a logo).
User can choose between two types of campaigns: Mobile Marketing to distribute mobile coupons or promotions, and Mobile Commerce to sell prepaid vouchers or gift cards. By filling up a simple form, he builds its own mobile offer (description, price, image, time), and selects a system of redemption: barcode, promo code, and/or TMS voucher.
To increase consumer engagement, TMSfactory provides options such as review, social, call back, click-to-call.

Promote Mobile Offers Off & Online

Campaign owner can select a country and a language. He may create his own TMS code, a branded alphanumeric code, and promote his mobile offer across any existing offline marketing channels (flyer, menu, billboard, network screens, TV) or online facebook, twitter, and/or email.
Consumers may access to mobile offers by entering the TMS code in TMSsearch.com using their own mobile device or PC.

Real Time Mobile Campaign Management

TMSfactory.com gives access to a dashboard to manage and measure campaign performance in real time. Thus, campaign owner can control and change the main components of their mobile offer, and improve at any time the effectiveness of their running campaign. TMS dashboard provides comprehensive metrics and analytics such as mobile interaction, engagement, social sharing, and/or mobile user’s profile.

No Click, No Bill

Payment on TMSfactory.com is a win-win solution. Account creation is free. The campaign owners pay only for consumer engagement or purchase. For marketing campaigns, the billing is based on CPE (cost per engagement) around 0.3 US dollars. For commerce campaigns, it is based on CPT (Cost Per Transaction) and it represents 12% of the transaction amount.

About TheTMSway Ltd.

TheTMSway Ltd. is a provider of a new mobile interface for brands and consumers linked to a platform of services for real-time marketing and commerce. The TMS platform connects consumers to a brand's traditional advertising campaign using mobile as a vehicle. To accomplish this, the company has developed a new generation of intelligent short codes to transform social and offline media into ‘mobile interactive touch points.’ The system allows consumers to access and share real time updated offers whilst providing brands with valuable consumer data and marketing analytics. The TMS platform is used in more than 42 countries of vast customers in retail, cosmetics, and media industries.

For more information, visit: www.theTMSway.com or www.tmsfactory.com.

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Luida Cabatana, PR Officer
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