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INA_CATEGORYNET_728x90 TaxSpecialists Network – increase visibility, attract new clients and boost your business

TaxSpecialists Network – increase visibility, attract new clients and boost your business

The TaxSpecialists Network is an international internet platform allowing visitors from around the world to search and find tax professionals to suit their individual needs. Our aim is to put business professionals or individuals in relation with tax experts in order to respond to their requirements and needs regarding audit and tax services

The complexity of the tax sector at a national or international imposes a culture of information and news to all professionals, and is now an integral part of success. Our platform provides an opportunity for our members to publish articles and view news likely to interest them, post their events (entries participants can be managed from the platform) this feature is part of our goal to expand the visibility of our members, and help them develop their opportunities.

Each member has a web page, with a link pointing to its website to increase the Internet traffic, and enjoy greater visibility. A contact form allows visitors to directly contact the tax expert.

There is also a blog and a forum affiliate network taxspecialists.com. The blog is an information relay tax at international level with a watch on the news of our experts. The forum is available to encourage members and visitors to share live issues or topics hot news

For more information comme and visite www.taxspecialists.com / http://blogtaxspecialists.com/

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Taxspecialists Network
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