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Autoglass replacement, calgary windshield repair,windshield calgary

Repair or replace?

In CalaltaAutoglass, we will always offer you repairing your windshield rather than replace, when possible. Why?
• It is cheaper.
• Repair is much faster. So not vehicle immobilisation.

Some conditions are needed to repair the windshield:

• the diameter of the impact must be less than 2.5 cm
• the impact should not be in the field of vision,
• There must be no more than 2 impacts on the windshield,
• the impact must be more than 4 inches from the edge of the windscreen.

Why should fix an impact as soon as possible?
• The windshield is an element of driving safety, strength must be preserved as well as the driver's vision.

• with thermal and mechanical shock, impact inevitably evolves to crack the windshield, then require replacement, which is more expensive and requires a longer immobilization of the vehicle.

• when passing the technical inspection, necessarily entail an impact against a checkup after

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Calalta Autoglass
(403) 252-5050
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