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Video sharing is the most popular feature for visitors to The Canopy Channel – the online multimedia

A survey of traffic on www.canopychannel.com the online multimedia library, has revealed that video sharing is the most popular activity for its members.

The Canopy Channel is an online resource for creative people looking to share their video, images, music and writing – and a recent report on activity on the site has revealed that video is the most popular media for members, and for people visiting the site for the first time.

The Canopy Channel was launched in 2006 as an outlet for people to express their creativity. Uniquely it is aimed specifically at people who want to share creative content with similarly minded people.

A study of the keywords used by visitors to www.canopychannel.com over the last twelve months has revealed that video-related searches, such as “video sharing”, “upload video” and “share videos” account for 21% of all keyword searches by visitors to the site.

Paul Fuller of The Canopy Channel commented: “The growth in popularity of video online has been staggering over the last twelve months, but we didn’t expect video to dominate on our site to the extent it has.”

“When we launched The Canopy Channel as an outlet for people to share their creative works we fully expected image uploads and music sharing to be the most popular areas of the site.”

“The breakthroughs in technology, video phones and low cost, user-friendly video recorders have made video uploads an easy option for people who were maybe put off by technical difficulties in the past.”

Users of www.canopychannel.com can upload video into a wide range of subject areas, from art to vehicles. As well as video, users can write and publish articles, share images and showcase music of their own creation across all subjects.

Even better, the latest innovation from The Canopy Channel is the Public Access Library (PAL), which empowers friends and families to share digital videos, images etc. through a private multimedia library. The free PAL membership offer has been extended until the end of 2007.

The PAL ideal for families, friends, students, work colleagues, teams, clubs and societies, special interest groups and just about any group or community, small or large, local or global, who are interested in sharing their self-created digital media online and share family photos online.

About The Canopy Channel:

Online multi media library, The Canopy Channel launched in 2006 and has members from all around the world who share digital content of all types, including video, audio and music creations, photographs, magazine-style articles, essays, technical papers, poetry and fiction.

Membership of The Canopy Channel is free.

Private Access Library charges
First Annual Subscription
(includes 25 library items) £17.50 inc VAT (free up to 30 September 2007)
Annual subscription £12.50 inc VAT

Additional 25 library items £6.00 inc VAT
Additional 50 library items £10.00 inc VAT
Additional 100 library items £18.00 inc VAT
Additional 250 library items £40.00 inc VAT
Additional 500 library items £70.00 inc VAT

About the web analysis:
The data has been collected from detailed web traffic reports covering the six months prior to August 2007.

These search terms are the ones used by organic visitors to www.canopychannel.com over this period.