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Contemporary Kazakhstan Art Exhibition will be held in France de décembre 2014 à mars 2015

Eurasian Cultural Alliance public association (Kazakhstan) and Apollonia association (France) are pleased to present an ambitious project e.city – Almaty / Kazakhstan. The project is carried out with the support of Almaty Akimat and Strasbourg Municipality.

On December 5, 2014 Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Strasbourg, France) is hosting Life is a Legend exhibition featuring the works of contemporary Kazakhstani artists. The project curators Dimitriy Konstantinidis (Apollonia), Daria Evdokimova (Apollonia) and Estelle Pietrzyk (Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) seek to demonstrate the development of contemporary Kazakhstani art for the last 20 years. Several generations of artists are united here by irrepressible search for identity, acquiring its distinct shape on the background of critical and often ironical analysis of the recent historical and social processes as well as being fed by centuries-old traditions and ancient legends of Kazakh land at the intersection of roads and cultures.

The exhibition features the works by Georgiy Tryakhin-Bukharov, Yelena Vorobyeva and Viktor Vorobyev, Galim Madanov and Zauresh Terekbay, ZITABL (Zitta Sultanbayeva and Ablikim Akmullayev), Erbossyn Meldibekov, Said Atabekov, Almagul Menlibayeva, Alexander Ugai, Oksana Shatalova, Bakhyt Bubikanova, Syrlybek Bekbotayev, Arystanbek Shalbayev, Smail Bayaliyev, Ekaterina Nikonorova, and Zoya Falkova.

Along with the major event in the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, e.city – Almaty/ Kazakhstan project includes an exhibition of young photographers, art-residence, video art and film shows and other events.

At the end of the project in the beginning of 2015 an event catalogue will be published with descriptions by the curators and Kazakhstani experts of contemporary art (Valeriya Ibrayeva, Yuliya Sorokina).

Earlier a French artist Pierre Laurent went to Almaty for an art-residence as a part of the project. For ARTBAT FEST 5 Contemporary Art Festival Pierre created a public art installation Ersatz.

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