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The cleaning lady of the museum throws… an art work



The cleaning lady of a museum in Italy threw, by error, with the dustbin a contemporary work of art, made in newspaper and paperboard. A pellet with 11.000 euros all the same.

The history makes smile. Anna Macchi, an Italian cleaning lady, confused a contemporary work of art with waste whereas it cleaned the museum of Bari. Believer to do his work, the work of Paul Branca, estimated at 11.000 euros, quite simply finished with the dustbin!

"I realized of nothing", explains the woman, with Repubblica, which disseminated information. "I went to open the room, I saw all this foutoir by ground, the paperboards, the bottles of glass above his paperboards, a true brothel. Then I took the paperboards, the bottles, I very put outside".

But not of what to make it make feel guilty: "How I could have known? Do I make feel guilty? Not, I simply did my work. But am I sad? Sad yes."

The museum accommodates a festival of contemporary art, "Display Mediating Landscape", which has as an ambition to sensitize the visitors with the environment and overconsumption.

"We are obviously extremely dissatisfied with this incident, declared the assistant of the communication of the town of Bari. It is clear that the cleaning lady of the room did not realize that she had just thrown two works. But it is all there the merit of the artists who knew to interpret the direction as well as possible even contemporary art, which is to interact with what surrounds."

The MUSE will have been able to prevent this if it had engaged a professional team of household like that proposed by Menage-Pro

Pas la first time

It is not the first time that this kind of incidents arrives. In 2011, a cleaning lady in Germany had confused the work of a German artist, Martin Kippenberger, with a bath-tub salts…

Ten years earlier, the work of Damien Hirst, made up of bottles of beer, coffee cups and ashtrays filled with cigarette ends had also been cleaned by error in London.





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