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The European Forum of Regional Airports formally constituted

on 2nd February 2005


In  Stansted (UK), on 2nd February 2005, the Forum of European Regional Airports (FARE) was officially constituted by the General Assembly attended by 26 Regional Airports of the European Union. Furthermore,  6 European regional airports, unable to attend the Assembly,  sent letters expressing their willingness to join FARE.
During the Assembly the members airports unanimously elected the Executive Committee of FARE formed by:
Chairman: Mr. Pier Giorgio Ballini - Chief Executive Officer of Pisa Airport
Vice-Chairman: Mr. Bart De Boer - Chairman of Eindhoven Airport
Vice-Chairman: Mr. Thierry Decrock -General Manager of Limoges Airport
Vice-Chairman: Mr. Laurent Jossart - Director of Charleroi  Brussels South Airport
Vice-Chairman: Mr. Gavino Pinna - Vice-Chairman of Alghero Airport

Besides working in support of the partnership between Low Cost Carriers and Regional Airports for the development of  intra-EU  direct origin/destination air services,  and making the voice of regional airports heard with the EU Commission, and with the Member States, in defence of the  right to air mobility of the regional communities they serve, and particularly on the apparently soon to be issued  EU Aviation Guidelines, FARE  will have to focus on strategic issues  particularly affecting regional airports, such as:

-      the creation of a "critical mass"  in a regional airport, in order to break even;

-      the identification of the possible forms of cooperation with regional governments and local public bodies

-      the demonstration that the so called "natural monopoly" and the related issue of the abuse of dominant position do not apply to regional airports as  they are the most easily replaceable components of an airline network;

-      the assessment of the economic impact generated by the development of origin-destination services from of regional airports;

-      the assessment of the environmental and economic benefits deriving to the UE from the use of regional airports over capacity by low cost carriers' regional air services;

-      the assessment of  the negative economic and social impact of capacity reduction, frequency restrictions and high fares policies on communities served only by legacy carriers' feeder services to the national hub airport;

-      the identification, exchange and promotion of the best practices applied in the management and in the marketing of regional airports;

-      the study of the evolution of the market and identification of  the strategic options open to regional airports for their development.

FARE founding Assembly was honoured by the presence of the following Guest Speakers: Mr. Gordon Keymer, Vice-President COTER Commission of the  Committee of the Regions, with his presentation on"Low Cost Airlines and Territorial developmen", Ms Agnès Ciccarone Executive Secretary to Committee Assembly of European Regions, assuring the full support of the AER to newly formed association of Regional Airports, and Prof.. Pascal Perri, University of Perpignan, on "Regional Airport and Low Cost Airlines: offer and demand meet. The birth of a new economic model of Air Transport".

The idea to create an association  focused on European regional airports was born when a group of 26 European Regional Airports met in Brussels, after the EU Commission Decision on the Ryanair/Walloon Region/ Charleroi Brussels South Airport case on 12 February 2004, to discuss how to defend and represent their interests and those of their respective communities towards the European Commission.

During the second FARE meeting, held in Pisa on 14th May 2004, 32 European regional airports approved the first FARE Position Paper, containing a set of recommendations for the E. U. Commission on the subject of the still to be issued Aviation. Guidelines, and decided to take all necessary actions  in order to formally constitute FARE as the Association of European Regional Airports.

For receiving FARE Position Paper  on the Aviation Guidelines and for  additional information, please contact:

-      Mrs Gina Giani
Commercial & Marketing Director-  SAT Pisa Airport
Tel. 0039 050 849208 - Fax. 0039 050849623
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-     Mrs. Serena Guidotti
General Direction Assistano- SAT Pisa Airport
Tel. 0039 050 849209 - Fax: 0039 050 849623
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4th February 2005